Sunday, May 17, 2015

Time will Tell....

Wow...I don't even know where to begin...where to start...or where to end...
This is it guys...this is the last time we will see our face in that year book,
wear that graduation gown, or watch nelson make fun of the way Raoul says chocolates in class.
Let's talk about the fact that in 11 days..real life beigns...
Let's talk about our friends leaving all around the world, one last goodbye till we go separate ways...
And all the times you asked mom, Can you wake me up at 6? AND, dad i'll be home at 11 are just a washed out glimpse of it's setting alarm after alarm because not even the loudest vibrate can wake me up the first time. I'm on mute right now, someone is talking threw the other end, but I just listen, because my future is all here, and I never thought I would be putting the crayons back in their box to put on the top shelf in the closet.
Let's talk about how this would be the best prom prank ever...yes girls im talking to you..wear these
under your prom dress and lift your dress a little while getting out of the that would be a good moment :D but's too late for anymore prom pranks...that was 3 weeks ago.
Let's talk about that day, the day you first realized girls had cooties, and boys smelt bad....or the time you cried because mom dropped you off at school...the place you felt most lonely when those playground bullies beat you.
Let's talk about 7th grade...the time having 8 teachers was your biggest worry. 8th grade, the year you slacked off because 9th grade actually counts. 10th grade...walking the scary halls of high school pretending to fit in. 12th grade...the time you shattered your phone just to fix it and watch it shatter again. You finally realized you're a klutz, but it didn't help when you found out you had all this attendance school requirement crap to graduate...or the night you screamed in your moms arms because your friend took his life, and oh the things you wish you could've said! Let's talk about the time he broke your heart, and she broke your toe, and he broke your dreams.
Let's talk about now....Let's talk about this day, May 17th 2015, because this is history...I mean there will never be another May 17th, 2015, and this day made history..maybe not for you , but for me because it's my last blog post in high school. This is the last time I will ever say Time will tell, because time is now, and the telling is later.